A Chinese man’s idea of what to do with hundreds of cucumbers


I finally found something to do with all of those cucumbers.  LOL
If only my vacation wasn’t ending in a week!


2 responses to “A Chinese man’s idea of what to do with hundreds of cucumbers

  1. Are they good for tazaki? The Greek dip?

  2. Yes!!! They are perfect. I have a little different way of making it. A brother from Greece told me to make it will dill and it became ever better. As in anything Armenian or Mediterranian some folks throw in some mint but I dont. That mint obcesssion requires that you learn about the many kinds of mint, and I cant wrap my head around that right now. So here is the recipe that I pieced together from taste, looking at a few recipes in books and talking to Brother Mellos:

    You know I dont measure anything, but here it goes

    In my mini food processor:
    About 1/2 a small white onion
    cucumbers cut into small pieces
    (pickling cukes dont have big seeds so I dont have to remove the seeds)
    1/2 Meyers Lemon
    Crush 3 large cloves fresh garlic
    Redmond Sea Salt ( there is no other salt to cook with in my book)
    White Pepper (so you dont see it)
    Fresh Dill (Fraiser Farms sells HUGE bunches )
    Whirl again

    Yoghurt whirl again

    I spoon in fresh plain yogurt to top off the little processor. One day I didn’t have yoghurt so I used sour cream. It was perfect either way!

    This is soooo yummy. We have been having wraps with Tzatziki almost 3 nights a week. I guess wraps are our official food of August, 2012.

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