Summer of 2013

This is my time line page for 2013

Have you ever read the children’s book called “Leo the Late Bloomer” ?   Well I love that book and I think that our garden is going to be like Leo.  We are definitely going to bloom late at some odd ball time in August or September.
I LOVE these kids reading this book.  I love the one who says “he couldn’t draw”

Our planting is still not finished!  HA!  But the garden looks better than ever and I have a magnificent assortment of herbs this year, so this may be the year when thinking things out won over throwing seeds in the ground a.s.a.p.

Friday, June 7 is the day that the majority of the seeds were planted.
The Heirloom tomatoes were in around May 7th.
The cucumber, beet seeds, dill and cilantro are still in packages!

I will finish this page when I finally get things planted.
Today is NOT that day though.

Today I am off to RBVHS to create the registration website for 2013-14!  Isn’t it crazy that you just finish one school year and you have to start planning the next?  Well, my vacation doesn’t really start until after this registration site is up and running and the whole RBVHS website is transitioned to a CMS called School Loop. (CMS is content management system) Ironically, posting this blog on WordPress for the last year has prepared me to transition our high school’s site over to the Districts common School Loop interface.  Well thank you WordPress for the primer.  Seems like the WordPress way is the only way.  I even downloaded the MySql database into a directory on

Gotta go to work now…  going to grow a website while the sun does it’s job on the garden here at home!  🙂


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