Canning – Preserving – Cooking

I hope to preserve some family techniques here.  The Tipler Family has been growing their own food for years AND canning things forever. You do KNOW that when you CAN things that you put them in GLASS JARS right?

Why do you call it canning when you use glass jars? Must be the inventors of tin cans who promoted that colloquialism.

Today is Jam day at Lau Hala Canyon Road
I am going to try to create  Apricot, Strawberry, and Strawberry rhubarb Jam.
I have the cutest little jars to put them in.
So excited to do this!  
(If you look at the recipe, please dont tell anyone how much sugar goes into jam)

The recipe for most jams are inside of the Sure-jel package except this one:
Link to Strawberry rhubarb jam


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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