Swiss Chard has Gone to seed…

I am so used to seeing lettuce leaves about 6-8 inches long, all cleaned up, and sprinkled with dew drops in the grocery store. Isn’t that the way you picture it?

I thought that I would see how big lettuce would get if I let it grow. So, last year, I have grown lettuce and saw that reached about 2 feet tall. That was fun, but lettuce is nothing like Swiss chard when left to grow!

Last year, at about this time, I planted Kale and two types of Swiss chard with seed from San Diego Seed Savers. It has been growing and growing! We have harvested it quite often and enjoyed many a green drink or stirred a few leaves into a dish. Sometimes, we had to trim it back radically because it got out of hand. I actually prefer the yellow Swiss chard to the red stalk chard and the kale. Anyway…

Sadly, the gopher ate Kale plant and we stopped our frequent visits to the garden for about a month. That was the cue for the chard S to grow like Jack’s bean stalk. I decided to let it go to seed and you can see in the photo how big it got. It looked so majestic! I loved it. It grew to about 9 feet tall and probably would have kept on going! But, then it started to shade the full sun plants like our heirloom tomatoes and began to provide delicious, nutritious meals for a crop of snails, so the experiment ended. So Craigger trimmed it back to the stalk. Maybe we should yank it, but for now the root remains.

So I thought I would show you all what Swiss Chard really looks like. It’s about 8-9 feet tall Go Figure



Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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