Melrose salon


If you were following my blog, I bet that you thought that I was never going to return, but , alas, here I am again.  I met the nicest person in Melrose Salon today.  It was our visit the prompted this post.  She loves gardening, eating right, and nature just like all of us! 

OF course I have not been to my blog for a few months now.  I was really saddened by the fact that WordPress has placed videos on every one of my pages and at the bottom of my posts.  They want me to PAY I guess.  Well, nothing is free in this world, so I should have expected no less.  Either way, I apologize for the videos!  

Now if the the videos are for Monsanto, McDonalds and Fracking I am going to have to move my blog elsewhere!!!

Dear Friend,  Please look through my blog posts for anything on MR. Ledgerwood.    I published many earlier this year at one session and then about a year or so ago, I published many more.  Here is a link to the planting guide

I also have this uploaded as a printer friendly pdf file.

So enjoy the reading.

and sorry about the videos…



Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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