How did I choose my Heirloom Tomato plants at the Vista Farmers Market?

How did I choose my Heirloom Tomatos?
I just listened to the lady who was selling them.  Her stand at the Vista Farmers Market was overwhelming!  There were so many varieties of tomatos, vegetables and herbs there I didn’t know where to start!  Perhaps she had 40 different varieties of tomatos alone.  Five different Basils, many types of mint, Herb I have never heard of.

 So after looking through them all and finding each and every plant healthy, I just asked her!

  •  Which were the sweetest tomatos (Think better boy of the 1970’s) .  
  • Which were the largest size and sweetest flavor (Think Beefsteak of yesteryear).
  • Then I asked about cooking tomatos (think Roma). 
  • Of course, I needed a cherry salad tomato too!

    She had an immediate answer for each question. BAM!  So helpful. 

Remember the old saying in an advertisement:  “When E.F. Hutton Talks, everybody listens”?  Well, when I asked the questions there was no one in the stand. As soon and I asked, and she came out and started pointing things out to me, people came pouring in by droves.  You could hardly move in the stand!  That was good for her business, but not so good for me receiving more assistance in picking them out.  So I just filled a flat of what I could remember her talking about and suggesting, and had her critique my assortment as I checked out (while a line formed behind me).  

Next week I will return with the list of what I already have and Craig.  🙂
Here were her suggestions:

Summer of 2013 Heirloom Tomatos 
Liners that I purchased at the Vista Farmers Market today:

Aussie Heirloom Tomato
Italian Heirloom Tomato
Oaxacan  Jewel  Heirloom Tomato
Box car Willie Heirloom Tomato
Margolbe Heirloom tomato
German Queen Heirloom tomato
Isis Candy Cherry Tomato

Bonus: One of these is a late starter… I forgot which one, but I am sure that we will know which one it is soon, when all the others have fruit on them and that one is just sitting there getting greener!  Then in September we will enjoy those.

I hope that I have some winners!

PS  I also bought a Mojito Mint plant for late summer refreshments 🙂


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