Peppers – Every kind except Bell

Peppers in the HOT California sunshine

I love peppers!  Every kind except for bell peppers.

And until I left the midwest if you asked me how many peppers there were i would have told you green peppers, yellow-green peppers and green bell peppers that have turned red.  AMEN.  But now that I know that there are a plethora of peppers, I may never eat a bell pepper again.  (sorry mom, mike and dad).  Yuk!

So, this year I am growing jalapeno, Serrano, and anacho for starters. They sure love the heat of summer.  How ironic huh?  Hot peppers love heat?  Go figure.  Well, that is all that i have to write on peppers, except for this.

If you have a flower-pot and want to grow a very green, tidy plant that will only get about 16 inches tall, has delicate little white flowers and eventually peppers that hang like well-arranged ornaments on a tree, then a jalapeno pepper plant is for you.  Or, you could try to grow a fire-cracker pepper when the little peppers are bright red and in clusters.  So cute.  So tidy.  So easy to look at.  You don’t even have to eat them.


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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