Every changing

Every day I look at the pond I think…
Today… Today it is the prettiest that it will ever be.

Then I go back the next day and I think…
Today…. Today it is the prettiest that it will ever be.

Then tomorrow I will come back and discover something different and I will think…
I love that Pond

Water Lily

Beautuiful water lilies

These lilies change color. They start Pink and turn yellow… or do they start yellow and turn pink? I havn’t watched them for a year now, but these two photos are the first two blooms in the bottom pond this year. I will have to take note of the order of color. I think it is pink then yellow. They bloom a few days and always close at night.

Around the pond there are these grasses that glow in the afternoon sun. So pretty. One day I found this welded metal flamingo. I HAD to have it. It looks so natural by the pond. Someday I am going to weld lawn art. That is my goal. Maybe, my sister in law, Dianne will teach me how to weld because I hear that she is very good at that craft. Well, that is my dream. A dream inspired long ago by the windspinners in the front yard of the Auntie whose house fell down in the movie “Twister”. I fell in love with that concept and someday… a welding machine, welding rods, a torch, and helmet will be mine! Here is a photo of the grasses and of my rusty flamingo.


When you are a web designer, it is a little frustrating to use this Word Press interface… Ugh… I love control!!!! But, I will continue… to try to put pictures on this page. But I have learned that,
Inserting photos does require a measure of patience and tenacity beyond what I am accustomed to. I just cant MAKE it appear where I want… Oh Well, I will “get with it” or “get with the WordPress IT” soon hopefully.



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  1. Beautiful Donna!

Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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