Timeline 2012

Into the dirt…

August 3

Time for more Cherry Tomatos!   They have been sprouted in 6 packs for a few weeks now, but I just put them into the dirt!

July 4

We seem to plant monthly and do something “big” every two weeks.  On July 4th I planted my corn, beets, carrots and some more basil.  It all came up so fast!  Those seeds germinated at lightening speed!

July 1st

Well here are some photos> > >
Remember I am not the best at inserting images in this WYSWIG but I am going to try, ok?  I want to give you a glimsp of what it looked like on or around July 1st and then on or around July 12th.  It is growing like weeds right now.

FIRST- what is NOT growing
The Cantelope are at a stand still. They have looked like this for a month or more now. Dont know why? Do they like the heat? Who knows. I need to read on it.

Pear or Roma type Tomatos

Friday, June 15
We (99% Craig) mulched the gardern.

Happy cucumbers

After three days, with some deep watering,everything either greened up or grew like crazy.

The cucumbers set out their stringers.

It is amazing to see how your plants respond

when you feed them.

Cucumber stringers





Saturday, June 10  Watermelon and Cantelope
The watermelon and cantelope passed the bunny test. I planted a few last week outside of the bunny fence and they lived 7 days!   So, since the sacrificial plants are still there, into the dirt goes the rest!  Sugar Baby watermelon!  mmmmmm

Friday, June 9 was a big day for my hubby to plant for me while I made websites  🙂  Thank you Craig
The Poblano and Serranto pepper plants were getting a tab bit yellow in the trays that I started them in.  It looked like the had reached the end of the nutrients in the tray, so it was time.  It was past the time…

So today, into the ground went the peppers and some more cucumbers.  I may have enough cucumbers for 100 people, but I coulnd waste any.  I DID mean to give some to Kristi!  And Kristi, if you want them, you can still have them after they green back up again.

Saturday, June 2 was another big day
Seems like every 4 weeks, we have a big day. Today we transplanted the beans. (I found out that they should go directly in the ground in the first place, so I will do that next year) 🙂

Then we cut arungo ( a  invasive plant that looks like bamboo, but is not, but grows like bamboo ) to make tee pees for the beans. But, then when I checked the seed packs I saw that I planted many, many bush beans!  So we now have a few extra poles.  I put them by the tomatos, so that looks cool. 🙂

I transplanted all of the melons.  🙂

I planted some acorn squash seeds on a mound inside of the bunny fence 🙂

Three of Andrenae’s sunflowers have sprouted and are happy, happy, happy! 🙂

We made another terrace for the watermelons and pumpkins. I transplanted a few sacrificial watermelons to see what the bunnies would do to them and so far, they have made it through the night… and a day…  So we will see if I can plant the rest on the terraces without a bunny fence or not in a few days. 🙂

We also transplanted what was left of the dill inside the bunny fence, because the bunnies definately like THAT! And we planted cilantro and another pack of dill to add to the dill nubs that was leftover from the bunny feast. 🙂

We also made water wells around all of the established tomato plants and that looks really cool. Almost all of the plants have flowers or small tomatos on them now, even though they are 12 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks old. So, that is awesome. The organic cherry tomato seeds need a little love. There are only 6 left and they are about 1.5 inch tall. Small but hopeful… What do they say about a sequoia?

soon I will find it and have a little upload session.

And Craig walked over the to desk where I am typing this blog and pointed to a cable that was laying about 8 inches from the mouse and asked, “what is that cable right there?” and I couldn’t believe my eyes! There in front of me, the entire time… what has it been 3 weeks now??? … was the download cable. LOL

May – before convention

Early Garden with bunny fence – Some one told me empty water bottles scare bunnies– ba humbug!

May 19 – BIG day for CUCUMBERS

Zuchinni Mounds

Today we planted the cucumbers and zuchini  into mounds. 
Andrenae planted the sunflowers from seed.
And… I put the cherry tomatos into the clay pots instead of egg cartons that dry out too easy. 

We also put the one acorn squash that sprounted in its own exclusive mound.

Little Red Picnic Table

The Little Red Picnic Table is one step closer to the ground.

May 1-  BIG day for seeds in trays

Cucumber – National Pickling – 55-60 Days Cucumber – Straight 8 – 55-60 Days Cucumber- SMR58 (every seed sprouted!)  – 56 Days
Dill – Long Island Mamoth –  65-70 Days
Chili – Serranto 75-80 Days
Chili Poblano (Anacho) 75-80 Days
Watermelon – Sugar baby – 80 Days Cantelope – Imperial 45 – 87 Days
Acorn Squash – Table Queen – 75-90 Days
Pumpkin – Large –  100-115 Days

April 15

Planted 2 Mortgage Lifter Tomatos in the Cages in the center of the lower garden.

April 1 – Found some “Parkers Whopper” tomatos already sprouted at a garden store so I thought that I would give them a try.  I have never heard of that variety, but the name sounds promising.  Parker is a great fishing boat and a tomato the size of a whopper sounds good enough for anybody, so into the dirt it went…

End of March…
The patio needed cheering up.  The black cushions had faded long ago and I was ready for a change.  So, I bought the most cheerful, flowery cushions I could find.  I want to perk things up this summer.    So here it is… The patio bling… Red Zinnias

Cheerful Patio look this year!
Come on over and stay a while


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