Farmers Market & Seed Savers Exchange Day

Yesterday, we popped into the Vista Farmers Market to see what our Plant Lady had as far as early heirloom tomatoes.    She had a few started, and for sale, but warned that she thought that the ground was still a little too cool.  I am going to have to come back after April 1 to pick up the variety that I loved last year- “Italian Heirloom”.  In the meantime, we decided to buy and try four new early varieties that they had available.  So, this year, the experiment goes on with Heirloom tomatoes! 

I did save some seeds from my Italian Heirloom last summer, but I haven’t started my saved seeds… I  plan on doing that today, right after I make a quick trip to the store for some potting soil.  I am going to start them on the patio under my glass windows again.  

I think that half of the fun of the garden, is at the beginning when the miracle of germination takes place. For me, watching a seed pop out of the ground is always like getting a prize !  And, taking that a step further, watching a heirloom seed pop that was saved by “yours truly” the previous year is a REAL big event for me.  On the scale of simple happiness in my heart over springtime, it ranks high, high, high on the top of the list.   🙂 

I must add that the cruising the Vista Farmers market with Joanie and Craig after service is always a pleasure I will treasure in the memory bank of good times.  Enjoying crunchy tacos, while sitting on a picnic table under a big tree, with the hustle bustle of the farmers market in the background is priceless — Bucolic Americana at it’s best.  

Do you want to feel at home in any small town USA?  
Hit up the local farmers market.  That will keep it real. You will actually “see” the town.

And oh, my oh my,- changing the subject a bit to online markets— the Seed Savers Exchange website is amazing!  I love looking at their seeds.  Now, right now, they have Tin seed signs for sale for half price.  YUP! 1/2 price.  Shhhhh   I bought some for my sister in law, Dianne.  😉

I want to mail them to her “out of the blue” to hang by their building on their beautiful property, by the windmill and the garden of course!  

Craig was a real gardener and gentleman, and let me order whatever I felt like so, I would like to thank him for indulging me!  Some women can spend a hundred bucks on a pair of shoes but I chose seeds.  So my order should come next week.  Thank you Honey!

….calling him honey just reminded me that I also want to get some local honey.  I could write a blog post on local honey.  Someday I will, because an old Greek friend taught me a thing or two about the properties of local honey, but that is another  post in the making.  Today is about getting out some flats and putting the mint and tomatoes in the ground.

Please join me in the garden sometime!  Craig wants a community garden.


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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