This page is the first reason for publishing a blog: I wanted to remember all that I read on the Internet on vegetable gardening AND know where to read it again.  My Favorites list on this computer…well… this is not my computer… so really my favorites list is going to go bye bye to its rightful home someday!

So, this page is my resources page.  Since it is for me, I am not going to add any more stuff to read here. I am just gona cut and paste link after link.

The fish that we have in the pond are mosquitofish or  gambezi

Thanks Candee for letting us know.
All this time we really thought our goldfish turned brown.

Worm Casting s 🙂

Propagating Apricot Seeds
Now that I have made 2 more batches of Apricot Jam, I have an over abundance of seeds.  So I am curious on how to plant or propigate Apricots.  There is a lot of irrigated land on our property that I can experiment with.  So here are a few links for Craig and I to weed through when we have time.  Hopefully we will know how we did in 3 years… lol

The Next Link is on organic Tree Propagation

The next four steps are from E-How so I am not thrilled at the source but will cut and paste here anyway.

  • 1  Let the seeds set in a cup of room temperature water overnight to soften the  outer shell so nutrients can reach it.
  • 2  Stratify the seeds to prepare them for germination. This process mimics what  would happen in nature. Place the seeds 1-inch deep in a container with a  mixture of one part peat moss and one part coarse sand. Refrigerate the  container for four weeks. Check on the soil twice per week and add a little  water if it is dry.
  • 3  Plant the seeds in well-drained soil, in a sunny location facing south after  four weeks have passed. You can plant them outside by using a hoe in the spring  after it warms up. Dig a hole with a hoe and place the seeds 2 inches  deep.
  • 4  Check that the seeds develop roots in three to four weeks.
    Lightly pull on  the plant; if it resists, it has  roots.

This Thread Talks about a cutting that is placed in “RooT Tone”

Hand Propigation Cucumber Flowers

All about beans

This LA Times story is old 1989–
But it discusses the different uses of garden herbs.  The article is on Taylor Herb Garden here in Vista.  I don’t think that they own the business on Lone Oak Road anymore, but it must be owned by someone.  Either way, where ever you pick up the plants, this article tells of some interesting varieties and uses for them.


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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