Vegetable Seed depth planting guide –

This is the last post of the day today.

It is the Vegetable planning guide for large and small seeds explaining the recommended depth to place the seeds.

Good day to plant, don’t you agree?
The sun is shining. Birds are chirping.  Soil is warming up.




2 responses to “Vegetable Seed depth planting guide –

  1. My Son, Charles Bennett Bratton is Charles Ledgerwood’s Great-grandson. There are so many articles you have that he would love to read about his Great-grandpa. Charles was the most wonderful, kind, intelligent man I have ever know. Thank-you so much for all your wonderful information on him. I was married to his Grand-son, Allen, years ago. I feel blessed to have know his whole family, wonderful people and times.
    Pam Phelps
    1637 East Valley Parkway #205
    Escondido, CA 92027

    • My husband and I were so excited when we read your post! We totally agree that Mr. Ledgerwood was a wonderful man. He generously shared his vast knowledge with everyone, and that is to be commended. We were in our 20’s and just starting out in the landscape and maintenance business. He would take time to talk to my husband about so many aspects of growing in California. We were members of the North County Gardeners Association which was also a part of the Southern California Gardener’s Federation based in L.A. The association would have speakers come to the monthly meeting and they were honored when Charles came to speak. It was a treat. Sharing seemed to be the standard with that group. Many of the members were older Japanese gardeners who possessed skills that I liken to fine artisans. They showed us how to create bonsais and to trim ornamentals. Mr. Hori on Buena Vista of Hori Nursery was another one of those kind and generous people, who I feel blessed to have know. Those were the good old days! There are people who are trying hard to get in touch with this knowledge again and that is good. It is one of the reasons that I wanted to share some of the pages of the little seed catalog that I bought so many years ago. I only borrowed it out once, and was nervous that whole time it was gone ( and I an NOT a materialistic person)! I just treasure those guides.

      Anyway, a highlight of ours will always be stopping by the Seed Store on the 101 by Tamarack in Carlsbad. I hope that your son, realizes how well respected his Great Grandfather was and still is, pretty much in Central and Southern California. That is a large territory, but he helped a lot of people! Since I made my first post about the seed store, several people have come forward to say that they admired him. One gentleman, whose life is very busy at the moment, offered to scan and share some pages from a book (one that I don’t have) that Mr. Ledgerwood wrote many years ago. He was hoping that I could help to share it with others, because, like you said… he was so intelligent! Well, I felt honored to be offered the opportunity to post that, so when I receive the scans from him, I will post them all. This gentleman feels the same way as I do. It would be a shame to not pass on his knowledge, as he was “spot-on”.

      The posts that I have made are taken from his yearly seed catalog. I have 1987 and 1992. I will scan the covers to show you what the pamphlets that I have been taking those guides out of. ON the front and back cover, Mr. Ledgerwood would provide a few pages of advice. It is those pages that I post that were called “Notes on Carrot Culture”, “Notes on Onion Culture”, “Notes on Corn Culture”, etc. After I read your post, I realized that I just posted then without any sort of index or any real organized way of reading them. I also realized that I didn’t explain who the author was on every page. I did on some pages or posts but not in others. This is my first blog, and I didn’t think it through, so I now realize that folks don’t read blogs sequentially OR that folks are not always aware of every post that I make! Ah ha! So I am going to make a page that organizes the information in a way of links for your family and for others.

      I am so glad that you came across this blog. My garden is growing but I have been so busy working that I haven’t had the time to write anything for a while. I am going to repost my first post about Mr. Ledgerwood today. I will give you a call sometime soon! Thanks so much for reaching out! I will share all that I have with your son and family! ( Although it may take me some time 🙂 Perhaps I can scan one catalog cover to cover for you…

      And a good friend of mine remembers his seed shop fondly. Perhaps, I can entice Candeea, a fellow gardener, to write down her memories too. What do you say Candeea?


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