Kitten from next door


It looks like I need to restack my brick pile, doesn’t it?  When I came home yesterday I saw a little yellow and white paw move under the bird-of-paradise in the front yard.  Craig was standing right next to the plant and standing in the direction that I though that I saw a kitten move, but he didn’t see anything, so I thought that maybe I imagined it.

Then today, when I went out to my car I saw the little yellow and white kitten run across the street and saw this one too. This one couldn’t figure out how to get around the fence in the field so he tried to hide by the bricks.  So, I took a photo of this cutie.  He thought he was hiding and sitting real still, not even blinking.  Then when I got closer to the baby, mama Kitty came right into my view, to try to lure me away from her baby.  So I backed off and away.  Wasn’t that the right thing to do?  I think so!

So,  I walked away from the baby and mama so the little one could make a run for it.  And they ran right into my garage like they were very familiar with that hiding spot! So, now we have some new kittens in the neighborhood.

A few weeks ago we met a lady that boards horses, and has a worm and rabbit farm in Valley Center.  She wants some feral cats as mousers.  She has a really nice big barn that the can sleep in and feel protected in.  The only thing is, how do we catch these little darlings?  It is wild kingdom here by my house.  Our garage is like a big barn and they can certainly seek protection there, but I think that they are territorial.  So eventually, some cat looses the battle and needs to move on.  Anyway, I don’t think that I will do anything at the moment but enjoy watching them (if I get to see them again).

I know that there are people who will get all mad about the fact that there are feral cats that are unfixed in my neighborhood, and think that we should do something about it, but what can we do?  I don’t have the money to catch and fix them all.  Besides, how do I catch them?  The neighbors feed them all under their house and they are mousers!  We don’t have nearly the mice, rabbits, squirrels or gophers(flea machines) around here that we used to.  We don’t mind cats being in our garage and on our property.

I prefer cats to rats and mice, any day, any time.  And if anyone has ever had rats, they will know why I prefer that feral cats moved into the neighbor hood.  My disclaimer is this on the rats:  I lived here for almost 30 years now.  We NEVER had rats until they built Shadowridge, a McDonalds, Taco Bell and Ralphs grocery store 1/2 mile away.  So, I guess that is progress.  The eco-system changed a lot, so I am going with the flow.

Anyway, hope that you enjoy the photo.  They do seem really healthy.  The neighbors feed them and I leave them supplemental treats in the garage.  And there are a few cushions spread around in there too.



One response to “Kitten from next door

  1. It is almost a year later and I love this little cat. His name is Phineas and he is the sweetest little man around.

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