I love old sayings!

Old sayings are the best!
I am so happy when I can use one.
Sometimes there seems to be no better way to say something!
I also love telling stories.  
Here is where these  two loves come together!

Since old sayings are… well…OLD!
Most often, they need some explaining, especially to folks younger than I.

Explaining is story telling, so the opportunity works so well together.

But, what if someone was unfamiliar with the old saying that I just put out there?
The old saying wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t know the back story !
How would I know that they didn’t know the back story?
How would I know they hadn’t heard the saying before?
Very good questions indeed….

So, here is how it goes:
I say the saying if it seems to fit the situation, and then if someone looks  as if they don’t “get it” I tell the story.  It is a perfect synergy!

You might ask, how can I tell if they didn’t understand?
Well, let me ask you this question…
Have you ever seen that shy smile on  friend’s face and light nod of the head followed by a pregnant pause in the conversation? Yes?
Bingo… That is your queue!  Tell the story.

Now there are some old sayings that don’t need any explanation.
Then you just have to throw it out there…
That’s the way the cooking crumbles.
Even a small child gets that one.

I hope to add old sayings to this page.

The funny thing about them is that I can’t just sit down and think of any.
They have to come to mind at the right time.
So when the come to mind, I hope to add them.



Its’ for the Birds




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