Someday, when there is time, I will tell the story of the veggie garden evolution around here.  But, today is not that day.  It is a long story involving a big hole,  dinosaurs, dirt clog fights, bamboo and dirt forts, and occasional stick wacking that makes me scream at my children like a crazy woman…. Oh right, and a few veggies along the way.  But that is another story and an long, long blog when I have time to write and dont have to water anything.

But, the truth is, for many years, veggies didn’t grow around here.
Not even a salsa garden.
Anyway, this  year– 2012– we decided to go back to planting an organic garden again.   It all started with too many snails…


3 responses to “Veggies

  1. Pictures?

  2. How could you tell that it wasn’t my hands holding one of my plants huh?
    I am working on adding some real photos! I took them, but need to upload them. 🙂

  3. I am wanting to add a photo to this page, like the home page~ blog but I am not sure if I can… So here is my attempt. I am gona reply and then try to edit in a photo. Wish me success!

    Well, now that I am in the edit screen, I see that I can not blog on this page.
    I can reply.
    I can edit the page.
    But I can NOT add a photo.
    I could try a little html trick right now, but dont have the time for that right now… sooo
    That is how it works!
    Blogging only happens on the home page. Period.
    Live, learn and blog… ( but only the home page)

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