What’s Blooming?

What’s Blooming in our Yard?
How do you keep a blog going?
The pressure, the pressure…

I feel it is like a diary… every day should be a post. But then I would be spamming the mailboxes of the friends are kind enough to follow me, and I don’t think that a daily email is what you-all had in mind.

So, having considered all of that,  and still sticking to the plan of  blogging about our garden, we  brainstormed a bit  on how we could provide a year of posts.

We came to this conclusion:
We decided to create this page called “What’s Blooming in our Yard”.
I will post the new stuff at the top and no one will get spammed 🙂 Enjoy!

What’s Blooming in our yard  on June 18th?

SIX varieties of them!

The Tobacco tree
Notice the pesky snail on it! Ugh!

(Dont laugh if you are from the midwest)
We have a hard time here growing them like you




Trumpet Vine

Red Bougainvillea- June 9

We call it Potato Plant- June 9
June 9, 2012

White Cactus- June 9


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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