I haven’t met a piece of garden furniture that I didn’t like!


One of the best things about having an obsession with garden furniture is the choices that you have thereafter.   Around here, you have many options when choosing a place to sit awhile.  You see, I can’t resist dragging home another iron chair, iron table, or wooden bench.  And Craig can’t resist hauling home picnic tables and park benches.  So, we have several of those- in addition to the round tables and café tables that I have around here.  Granted, I only drag the round patio tables out from their hiding places when I am hosted a big garden party.  But still, I have them!  And I have a vast assortment of chairs, lounges, loveseats, bistro tables, end tables, electrical wheels that serve as tables, park benches, etc….

You get the picture.  So far is doesn’t look like furniture hoarding, but sometimes I wonder what would happen to me if I had to move off of an acre and 1/3 and part with my collection.  I think that I am getting sweaty palms just thinking about parting with any of it.  You never know when you will need….<fill in the blank>   🙂

So,  since I have so much outside, and you can’t always be outside, I have this great idea.  (At least I think that it is great)   My next idea is to bring in the white iron table and six chairs into my kitchen to use it as a kitchen table.  I love that thing! It doesn’t have to stay white, as most of my iron furniture is black, but now it is white.  If I keep it white, when it wears it will reveal old white on rust so I think I may keep it white.
It needs pressure washing, painting, upholstering, and a better top on it.
For the top,  I was thinking of trying my hand on creating a mosaic.  Of course, being the digital art nerd that I aspire to be, I would create the mosaic on the computer first using the Corel Painter Mosaic tool for a pattern. That mosaic feature is so fun to play with!  I think a mosaic would be so much better than a piece of glass!  Well, this is a summer time dream of mine and another post and project for sure.  Perhaps I will do that while the garden is growing to maturity.

Today I wanted to share one of our coffee spots. While I was sitting there this morning having coffee, I was wondering where other folks were spending a few moments waking up this morning, whether they chose to have coffee or something else.   I, personally, am hooked on my coffee.

White Table and Chairs

Today’s Coffee spot: View of the back yard this morning from the Teak bench.

So, this morning “we” decided to have coffee while sitting on the teak bench that Josh and Nicole graciously gave to us after they moved.  It sits on the patio and has a really nice view of the back yard.  By saying “we decided”,  I meant that  I enjoyed my coffee with Charlie, Pepper, and the numerous birds that were chirping at our place.  It was typical June gloom weather this morning so we were cozy under my purple blanket.   I am going to start a page with some drop down menus called Today’s Coffee Spot so I can share my blessing of living here with my friends.  And hopefully, I can learn of where you enjoy your garden too.

Today’s Coffee Spot was the Teak Bench on the patio.
Where was your coffee spot today?


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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