I planted my first garden in Oceanside in 1982 and it was amazing. It was a block from the beach and amazing. In that August, I could approach total strangers and say “Hi, you dont know me. Would you like some tomatos and jalapeno peppers?”

Mr. Charles Ledgerwood
Back in the Day

On the 101, in Carlsbad, right by Tamarack Beach there was a house with a white picket fence around it. The garden in front was always an assortment of dried up “dead” plants and the most beautiful flowers that you had ever seen. Close to the road, in among the flowers was a round metal sign, painted white with the word “SEEDS” on it. This was the home and store of Mr. Charles Ledgerwood.

Craig would surf there and I would soak up the sun at the beach. One morning, we stopped by to see the seed store for the first time. It was like stepping back in time. Those seeds are the reason that the vegetable garden was so good. I loved going there. Tyler and Justin remembers running their hands and arms up to their elbows in wooden barrels of rye grass seed when they were little boys.

I still have some of the seeds that were stored in tupperware in my garage for over 15 years! I decided that I would plant them. The late great Mr. Legerwood says to only save them for 4 years for optimal yeild. But, I am pushing the evelope a bit. Two years my brother Mike brought some bean seeds that were advertised as being “the best” bla, bla, bla… My dad had a brown paper bag of been seeds that he saved in his garage that were over 7 years old. Guess which ones were the best??

I dont even have to type the answer, do I? OF COURSE, the saved seeds were better. The purchased seeds were the green desert. Beautiful plants with no buds and consequently scanty beans. The saved seeds plants were not picture perfect, by yeilded the most tasty vegetables. Of Course!!! ( and to those of you who know me, know that I have a rant that goes with this story. But, I will not rant here.) This post is celebrating the rebirth and planting of some old saved seeds!

So, yesterday, I planted 10 seeds of Table King Squash purchased in Carlsbad many many moons ago. Now, we water and wait… and I am not worried.

I believe that they will all sprout…

Well, they didn’t so I am going to try starting them on the patio in containers, and then if they dont sprout, it is because they dried up, not because they weren’t, at one time, amazing seeds!


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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