On the first day of my summer vacation…

I had a relaxing morning which consisted of enjoying the first cup of coffee on the patio and the second cup of coffee out on the café table by the garden.  Of course I took a nice walk with my little dogs and then Craig took us out for a yummy breakfast at Sunrise Café!  What a treat!

We followed our breakfast with a short visit with the wonderful Office&Admin staff at the Vista Adult School – ROP and made another stop the visit the wonderful Office&Admin staff at Rancho Buena Vista High School.  (I cant seem to stay away from these places 🙂   Vista is truly a small town and I love it here!

While at RBV, I picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers that one of my TA’s gave me.  I want to have them home where we can enjoy them.  What a generous person you are Marcos Mendoza!

This afternoon we are going to plant the rest of the seeds in the herb garden and put in a few rows of corn. 

The weather is perfect! 

California beautiful with a marine layer so thick that you can hear the birds chirping for miles!

It is now officially gardening season and blogging season around here.


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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