Kale, Dill takes too long, year 2 of the tomato? & Mojito Mint Rules


I just created a new 2014 Timeline page.  I hope that I can keep up my blog this year!
The first year was awesome, then I fizzled last summer.  Hopefully, this summer I can keep an accurate record of things.  WordPress had started to place advertisements on my pages for businesses that I, personally hated, so that made me mad and I stopped…  I also stopped because I just got lazy with posting. The solution, of course, will cost me money.  For 99$ a year, I wont have ads on my blog.  So I am going to give it a go with the ad for a while.  If I am “good” about posting, then I am going to spring for the big bucks and host my blog with them.  Free is only free so long… They always hook you first with it….  I have seen this go down many times on the web.

Anyway, This post is actually a post for a new “page” listed under timeline, but I thought I would add it as a post as well.  Two posts in a day.  Wow, that is like me!

It Begins  March 16, 2014
Kale, Dill takes too long, year 2 of the tomato? & Mojito Mint Rules

It is March 16 and the only thing in the ground in the garden is the Kale and Chard, which btw, are huge.  They are being enjoyed by the snails at the moment, and that feast is about to abruptly end, so snails beware, you are about to be “relocated”.  So we are going to have to trim them back to give some new life to the plants.  Juicing here we come.  Sorry to say, we didn’t keep it going over the entire winter.  Wish I was the type of person who could do something like take a vitamin every day, on time, on schedule like I am supposed to.  Like the moon I wax then I wane, I wax and wane….

Anyway, the soil is dormant and we bought some seeds and tomatoes, mint, and oregano yesterday at the Farmers Market and will plant them today.
Here are the names of the heirloom varieties

Sungold Heirloom (tried last year and loved)
Black Plum Heirloom Cherry 
Moskvich Heirloom Tomato
Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato
San Marzano Tomato  ( The educated one- only teachers will get that joke)

Then the mint:
Mojito Mint
(This was the star of the garden last year for medicinal purposes 😉
Moroccan Mint 
and a mint that they named this probably becasue they were tired of answering questions about mint  “The BEST mint”   ha ha

And I bought some other herbs too:
Oregano, Dill and Fernleaf dill  (Fernleaf is not heirloom)
I need more dill.  There is nothing better than seed heads in your dill pickles. That is a secret for the best dill pickles.  Grow your own dill and let it seed. But alas…. Dill take F O R E V E R to mature 80 days.  That is a long time, even in California!  I will buy more next week..
You know what “they say”

All ways leave a reason to return to the <insert name here> store
All ways leave a reason to return to the <farmers market> store
All ways leave a reason to return to the <seed> store
All ways leave a reason to return to the <farmers implement> store
All ways leave a reason to return to the <co-op> store
All ways leave a reason to return to the <online seed exchange store> store

You get the picture….
All ways leave a reason to return to the <shoe> store


Farmers Market & Seed Savers Exchange Day

Yesterday, we popped into the Vista Farmers Market to see what our Plant Lady had as far as early heirloom tomatoes.    She had a few started, and for sale, but warned that she thought that the ground was still a little too cool.  I am going to have to come back after April 1 to pick up the variety that I loved last year- “Italian Heirloom”.  In the meantime, we decided to buy and try four new early varieties that they had available.  So, this year, the experiment goes on with Heirloom tomatoes! 

I did save some seeds from my Italian Heirloom last summer, but I haven’t started my saved seeds… I  plan on doing that today, right after I make a quick trip to the store for some potting soil.  I am going to start them on the patio under my glass windows again.  

I think that half of the fun of the garden, is at the beginning when the miracle of germination takes place. For me, watching a seed pop out of the ground is always like getting a prize !  And, taking that a step further, watching a heirloom seed pop that was saved by “yours truly” the previous year is a REAL big event for me.  On the scale of simple happiness in my heart over springtime, it ranks high, high, high on the top of the list.   🙂 

I must add that the cruising the Vista Farmers market with Joanie and Craig after service is always a pleasure I will treasure in the memory bank of good times.  Enjoying crunchy tacos, while sitting on a picnic table under a big tree, with the hustle bustle of the farmers market in the background is priceless — Bucolic Americana at it’s best.  

Do you want to feel at home in any small town USA?  
Hit up the local farmers market.  That will keep it real. You will actually “see” the town.

And oh, my oh my,- changing the subject a bit to online markets— the Seed Savers Exchange website is amazing!  I love looking at their seeds.  Now, right now, they have Tin seed signs for sale for half price.  YUP! 1/2 price.  Shhhhh   I bought some for my sister in law, Dianne.  😉

I want to mail them to her “out of the blue” to hang by their building on their beautiful property, by the windmill and the garden of course!  

Craig was a real gardener and gentleman, and let me order whatever I felt like so, I would like to thank him for indulging me!  Some women can spend a hundred bucks on a pair of shoes but I chose seeds.  So my order should come next week.  Thank you Honey!

….calling him honey just reminded me that I also want to get some local honey.  I could write a blog post on local honey.  Someday I will, because an old Greek friend taught me a thing or two about the properties of local honey, but that is another  post in the making.  Today is about getting out some flats and putting the mint and tomatoes in the ground.

Please join me in the garden sometime!  Craig wants a community garden.


Word Press is so much Fun

I hope that you get the internship!


Today I am processing tomotos

This gallery contains 1 photos.

First I blanche the ugly tomatos to easily remove the skins.   We eat ot give away the beautys. This is a photo of steaming hot tomatos cooling off. Can u see how the skin breaks in hot water? It happens … Continue reading


Sun gold heirloom tomatos r sweetest

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Hands down this was the winner in the cherry tomato catagory this year. Yum yum

Mr. Ledgerwoods page

I also have written my story of my experience with meeting Mr. Ledgerwood on the seeds page on the site.  Here is the link.  IT is more of a narrative than a planting guide, but hopefully, it is a good read




If you were following my blog, I bet that you thought that I was never going to return, but , alas, here I am again.  I met the nicest person in Melrose Salon today.  It was our visit the prompted this post.  She loves gardening, eating right, and nature just like all of us! 

OF course I have not been to my blog for a few months now.  I was really saddened by the fact that WordPress has placed videos on every one of my pages and at the bottom of my posts.  They want me to PAY I guess.  Well, nothing is free in this world, so I should have expected no less.  Either way, I apologize for the videos!  

Now if the the videos are for Monsanto, McDonalds and Fracking I am going to have to move my blog elsewhere!!!

Dear Friend,  Please look through my blog posts for anything on MR. Ledgerwood.    I published many earlier this year at one session and then about a year or so ago, I published many more.  Here is a link to the planting guide


I also have this uploaded as a printer friendly pdf file.

So enjoy the reading.

and sorry about the videos…



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