Shout out Yellow Deli

Today we celebrated the approaching end of the school year by having a delicious lunch at the Yellow Deli in Vista.  It was a perfect way to relax after a very nice morning.  This year, we had the opportunity to give the students in our department an outstanding student award.  So I printed up as many certificates as each teacher chose, with no restrictions on how many students that they could choose to honor.  In this way, I felt that everyone felt good about it.  Of course, I wish I could give a special moment to each and every one, but alas… sometimes you can’t do that.  It was good to see our students honored right along with every one.  So, I liked today a lot.  

With the passing of each school year comes a reminder that I am truly blessed to a teacher.  Who else gets to come to love over 150 new young friends every year?  

And some of my colleagues are so refreshing to work with! They are a class act and really get it!   🙂  It has been my pleasure to work with you!

Here’s a shout out to Yellow Deli, the best little restaurant in town with organic food, an amazing building that is a work of art in itself, and the sweetest garden terrace in Vista!   And here’s to me posting 3 days in a row.  Who’d da thunk it?  86 to go



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