Nicoles Artichoke

A long time ago, before there was HGTV or gardening and cooking shows all over the air waves, there was a show called the “Square Foot Gardening” on pbs..  This gentleman named Mel showed us that you could grow a ton a veggies in a small, simple, squared off or raised garden bed.  This show said “YOU CAN DO THIS” to the world of gardening beginners.  It also told the people who had once raised an acre of veggies that it was OK to just plant a square foot of something.  It inspired a lot of people to get back out into the dirt.  It also made a garden look “tidy” for the people who normally would cringe at the thought of digging in the dirt or walking on soil in their business casual shoes.  🙂

Nicoles Mammoth Artichoke

What reminded me of this wonderful old tv show?   The answer is Nicoles square foot garden that produced a square yard artichoke.  Just look at the beauty of this thing!  This girl has a green thumb!


2 responses to “Nicoles Artichoke

  1. wow! Me and my artichoke are famous. Thanks for the mention

  2. 🙂 I love your little garden! But I can clearly see what has taken over! Maybe that is the way with a garden. I am the Cucumber Cultivator for sure.

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