Didn’t someone tell us to talk to plants in the 60’s?

I seem to remember, that way back in the 60’s or 70’s,  someone said that we should talk to plants.  Of course, people had all kinds of interesting takes on things “back in the day” but, didn’t someone do an empirical study on this at some noteworthy university somewhere, where the plants that were spoken to actually thrived?

These are the crazy things that I contemplate as I consider walking out to the garden to rip out my expired cucumber plants.

Now I know what you may be thinking…  I am not going to talk to some mystic force out there cuz that is like being on drugs, and I am more pragmatic than that….

I am just thinking of the consideration of living things.   Raising those little kittens has led me to think a lot about the intelligence of seemingly small, insignificant things.  The interactions that we have had ( me the giant and them the 3 ounce beings) are testimony of the brilliant intelligence and love in the animal kingdom.

Craig says that you should water equally and fairly.  He has stated that many times. If I water, I water it all.

Because, if you water the whole patio and leave out ONE plant then the plant knows it.   He doesn’t say that it knows it, as if it is processing the fact that some human has a garden hose running, but it knows it.  Plants can sense the change in humidity in the air and also feel the water particles hitting their foliage.  Plants even open up their stomata (hope that I remembered that right) to take in water through the time openings in the underside of leaves.  This means detecting that there is something transpiring in the atmosphere around them and reacting in a proactive positive way that will sustain their life.

So, I now water fairly and equally.  I even know which patio plants are water hogs so I can give them an extra boost.

There are two plants that are located just outside of the gate of the patio in the entry and they are both failing.  Failing.  I already discussed this with Craig this morning.  He says that I should go ahead and use the dolly to move the heavy terrracota pots onto the patio with the rest of the plants.  Now, we have the same variety of plant on the patio in similar pots and they are thriving.  But, the ones on the outside of the entry gate (a showcase position from  a human standpoint) are not.

“Move Me”

Do those plants feel left out of the mist?
Oh I water them, I hit them with the hose at the end.
But are they are too far away to detect the humidity change that the other plants feel while preparing to be watered????

THIS  i wonder.
I have been wondering this for the last month or two.
Wondering and pondering as I watched them waste away…
Evidently craig noticed too.

So back to RIPPING out my cucumber plants.
Is there going to be  something in the air about that mass destruction?

What will my other plants “know”?

Should I water first?  Provide some type of “last supper”?

Should I remove the plucked plants from the scene???
That way they can’t lay there
and moan
or put out some sort of “my roots are bare” vibe into the garden air,
and consequently,
scaring the bee-geebers out of the rest of the up and coming vegetables??????

Will the cantaloupe be stunted?
Will the jalepenos be stumbled by this?

This is too funny. LOL
You know I am just trying to make you laugh now, right?

When I am working I am hyper focused on my kids and their learning.
When on vacation and growing a garden, I ponder these sorts of things …
I really wonder.

I am going to go water the patio.
I am going to move those two plants onto the patio then…..
do some gentle ripping on some tired cucumber plants

Maybe I will sing


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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