It is safe to say that we have over planted

Oh, yes, it is safe to say that we have over planted… especially cucumbers.  It could explain why I have to continuously stifle this almost uncontrollable urge to approach total strangers on the street and offer them a grocery bag full of pickling cucumbers.  LOL  Of course they are pickling cucumbers, so they look a bit odd to most people, so I have to explain their nature to the recipient before they get excited about the gift.  It is fun to watch.  Most of the time I rub off the little pickers before I gift them. 

So far I am happy to say that I am carrying through with my plan.  Today I am making more Fire and Ice Pickles and delivering a few goodie veggie bags to some friends who all happen to live in the neighborhood.  I had to use the wheel barrow to cart the harvest from the garden onto my patio!  What a haul.

It feels good to write in my garden blog again.  I guess I took a small vacation and then another vacation from my computer and blog when I returned.  Then on the very day that I had thoughts of what to write here, I ended up rescuing two kittens that need around the clock care, around the clock heating pad, pooping (yes you must), feeding and burping.  I also rub their little tummies cuz they are so cute.  Pictures are sure to follow soon on the blog.   So, it is a miracle that I can even jot down these few notes for today.  I am always listening for meow meow.  When they are healthier, I will have more time to do stuff.

So, for now, I am very busy processing cucumbers, blanching and freezing green beans, making more strawberry Jam for Tom next door, and feeding kittens.  The fresh produce is wonderful.  I love my garden!  I am going to plant my next round of plants.  I already have some Cherry Tomatoes started that are ready for the dirt….

Eat your veggies! ( or come over here and eat some of ours… please! )


One response to “It is safe to say that we have over planted

  1. Guess what? There is a National Pickle Week ( and there is a National Pickle Day (! But for myself, I think I will celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day on January 27th ( .

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