Mandarin Orange Marmalade

Marmalade is the theme of todays processing!  The jars started popping within minutes of removing them from the boiling water… what a wonderful sound.  Why Mandarin Orange Marmalade?  Well, there is a story to just about everything, so here I go…

We live accross the street from a non-profit recovery house.  17+ People are there trying to clean up their lives and I hear that the clean house next door has some of the most success in this area.  Well,  evidently the Fresh and Easy Market is donating their day old fruits, veggies and bread to house.  Isn’t that nice really?  It is good to help out people who are trying to break free from slavery to addiction.  And what better way to contribute is there, except to provide support to feed the soul and fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the body.  Kuddos to Fresh and EASY.  So, that is the current arrangement and most of the time I am out of the free “eat them tonight” mix… BUT…

Since I have been sharing my jams and pickles with the neighbors, they have been sharing the surplus with me!  Last week they brought over  two containers of Sweet Baby Mandarin Oranges (among other veggies) .
Now,  even if you are am over zealous orange lover, it was a bit much.  So, being crazed with this gardening, canning, preserving thang… I bought some more lids for my jam jars and the rest (as they say) is history.

Mandarin Orange Marmalade

Funny thing is, I dont really care for Orange Chicken or Orange Marmalade.  So I am going to have to find a use for it.  I think Justin is a fan of Orange chicken…..  But just eat marmalade, I am not so sure about that.  OH, if I show up at a Dennys, (which happens every 10 years or so), I may pop open a little plastic cube of marmalade, smear it on my cold toast that already has too much butter on it, and remember the taste of marmalade.  But I am not a regular user.

Marmalade is somewhat like coffee.
Coffee smells better than it tastes.
Orange Marmalade looks better than it tastes.
That is, until you have homemade…


4 responses to “Mandarin Orange Marmalade

  1. Thanks Donna for the mention and kind words! Glad our key value around being a part of the community is helping these 17 people out somehow and wishing them all the best as they continue to fight this disease! thanks again! Love your blog btw!
    fresh&easy employee

  2. That is very cool that fresh & easy is donating food! Do you know the address of the fresh & easy?

    • Hi Dee,
      I dont know which Fresh & Easy that it is that is donating to the non-profit. I do know that we are located in Vista-Oceanside area if ca and we are located right off Melrose. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Nahal! I am a big fan of Fresh and Easy so I meant it. It is one of my regular grocery stops now. I am really jazzed that you found my blog and read some of it. I am relatively new at blogging. I soooo wanted this blog to be totally about my garden, but being out in the garden brings up so many other timely topics, I havn’t had the time to write more about the actual garden itself. Well, I do have a bunch of photos to upload sometime and I have a lot of tips that I have learned on the way. Glad you enjoyed it. Take Care.

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