July 1st Tomatillo Salsa

In Southern California, at or around July 1st, you can find the best tasting Tomatillos of the entire year.  Shop at Food-4-Less or at a Mexican Meat Market like Rodeo to find the very best fresh Tomatillos that you will ever lay your eyes -and taste buds- on.  (Ralphs or Albertsons are not going to offer the choice ones, trust me on this. Go to a trusted source. )   The husks are green, detached yet still surrounding  and floating above the vegetable by more than  3/4 of an inch!

So many times our only experience with food is the processed stuff that we first experience from a grocery store. If that is the case with Tomatillo salsa, and you are a fan of the wonderful flavors of Mexican food, give this easy recipe a try! It will not disappoint you. This is the best Tomatillo Salsa that I have ever had. Everyone else who tried it agreed. Give it a shot. It is the 4th of July and I am sure that the produce section is FULL of fresh Tomatillos!

July 1st Tomatillo Salsa


12 Large Tomatillos ( I found them the size of tangerines )
1/2 Medium white onion
2-3 Serrano Chilies
1/2 Lime
1/2 Meyers Lemon ( that’s the juice of 1 lemon if it is not Meyers)
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/2 Teaspoon Sugar
3/4 to 1 bunch Cilantro

Prepping the ingredients:

Remove husks, wash, and roast whole Tomatillos on the Grill outside.
Use a pincher to turn them. Let some areas get black.  If the skins burst promptly remove them from the grill or you will loose the valuable juices!  You just want each one to have some black roasted goodness. Let the tomatillos cool. Remove the skins and pith.

Remove the stem, pith and seeds from the Serrano chili.
Pre-chop the chilies into small pieces

Pre-chop the white onion

In food processor or food chopper.
Chop all of the tomatillos until there are no large pieces
Remove most of the tomatillos to make room for the other ingredients.
( My food chopper is small, so I had to blend in stages.)
Add the onion, Lime and lemon juice to a small amount of tomatillos and chop
Add the peppers and chop
Add the cilantro and chop

At this point is should be evenly blended.
Them, add the rest of the tomatillos back into the sauce to blend
Add Salt and Sugar



Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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