I won an award today! It was a day of surprises

It was nice.  I will write more tomorrow, but wanted to reserve this day on my blog to write about it.

I am happy happy.  It is an outstanding teacher award at RBVHS from the SD Co Fair.  Sadly, I was late for the ceremony so I missed the presentation and the mispronunciation of my name. lol  (which is also spelled wrong on the plaque)  Ha ha… should expect that by now, but someday, I will be surprised when someone says it!

I am sorry that i missed seeing my students names called for their award presentations.  I am not usually late to these things… or late to anything… so that was a downside… AND probably why I choose NOT to be late.  Well, still, I did get to congratulate several students and meet their parents.  We took 9 out of Ten top awards for graphics.  It was a nice year.  I will put the plaque in my classoom.

They gave all of my RBV students’ art  an honored spot on the wall behind the Paddock stage, a highly visible area and high traffic area for ALL of the concerts during the fair.  Craig called it my hall of fame or wall of fame… cant remember which, but that sure is funny.  I kept circling around the hall looking for my kids stuff to no avail… Then the director of the exhibit told me where to look. The placement is a really nice honor from Neil Bruington, the Coordinator of the Student Showcase. ( Many of you may know him as the Palomar Photoshop teacher on TV ;)   He is a true Photoshop master! It was a nice honor to have the art shown in that area for sure. Thanks Neil!  Paul Ruiz, an amazing  Graphics and Animation teacher, currently teaching in Oceanside, said I “owned the wall”.  Well, it was nice and fun to see.  I giggled like a little kid when I actually found them.  It is a really nice honor.  I hope some of my collegues get to see it.

Well, it is not every day that you win an award.  I wanted to share. Thanks for reading.

Like I said, I wanted to save today as the day of surprises in my blog, so I will upload my “ham it up in front of the wall of fame” photos tomorrow.  🙂 Good night San Diego


Here are the phots that I promised.  I am a ham aren’t I ?


2 responses to “I won an award today! It was a day of surprises

  1. Wow, congratulations!

  2. Thanks Candea! It was a nice surprise, but I dont think that I am getting over missing it. ugh!

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