The huge rift between “good luck” and “good luck with that”

There is a huge difference between hearing someone say “good luck” and hearing someone say “good luck with THAT”.

Good luck is a well wishing.
The well-wisher hopes all will go well with you.  He or she believes that your endeavor will most likely be carried out as planned, and that is that.  As they walk away,  they are optimistic about your success.  It is a close to a conversation.  You both move on to other thoughts. Later on as you happily proceed to execute your bright idea, you exude confidence.  You smile because your plan has the blessing of a Mr. or Mrs. Nice Person Well-wisher

“Good Luck with THAT” says so much more!
It means, I know that you are going to give your little project the best of efforts but surely you must realize, honestly realize, that it is highly unlikely that you will meet with any success.

They never say the negative part of that sentence (the thought that follows the word but)  out loud, because they don’t want to hamper your enthusiasm.  Basically you just heard the half-hearted, yet realistic, well-wishes of a nice person who doesn’t want to discourage your bright ideas.

At 6:00 a.m this morning, as I headed out to the organic garden with an empty plastic water bottle to collect the roly-polies off of my beans and cucumbers, I heard the faint, but fateful words come out of the Master Gardeners mouth:
“Good Luck with THAT”.

Oh oH!!!!

Do you think that I need to do some research on the Internet on how to deter sow bugs in an organic garden?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like Lee Harvey Oswald, I am sure that this little guy didn’t act alone to bring down this giant cucumber stem, but look at the size difference!  Yikes.  There is a pillbug in every photo of the slide show.  This slide show is a  find the “Where’s Waldo plant-eater” game.  Like I wrote yesterday, the enchantment with Roly-polies is over!


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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