Organic Mulch is like perfume for dogs

Craig brought home a truck load of mulch today and spread it around while I watched.  My job was to hold Pepper and watch.  If I didn’t have to hold Pepper, I could have supervised with my hands in my pockets, but since she needed to be held, I demoted myself to being a spectator.  🙂 

Charles and Pepper were just smelling the wind like it was fried chicken or something…  Oh, the smell had something to do with a chicken… The mulch was what comes out the other end of a chicken. I guess anything to do with chicken is ok with those two.

I did manage to take some photos while holding a dog, which I think is pretty talented in itself.  So, I will add them to this post asap. 

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The yellow circle is around a patch of Cilantro that is trying to grow but… Charlie is a grazer of Cilantro, so it is being nubbed off daily…


2 responses to “Organic Mulch is like perfume for dogs

  1. I cannot get cilantro to grow well in the summer in Escondido, tooooo hot.

    • Usually we have trouble growing cilantro around here too, but this year it is really trying to grow in June dispite the grazing dog. It has been holding at about an inch tall for some time now. What time of year do you plant the cilantro? These could easily fade…

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