Strawberry & Apricot Jam

Do you have any peanut butter to go with our jelly?

Yesterday we made 48 jars of strawberry and apricot jam.  That’s a little over zealous for two people who usually eat 1 or 2 jars a year, at best.  But, it will make nice gifts and it is really tasty.  Plus, it sure made me feel better,  because I did not let the fruit go to waste this year.

Here is our Before and After Photos


We only picked half of the tree, so if you like fresh apricots… now is the time. 

Eat them while they are fresh, because our jam making days are over.


I just saw this clip from the movie The long, long Trailer. If you read the post about Rock Collecting yesterday and then saw this post today about 48 jars of jam, you will see why I think this scene is so funny. Is my life a parallel life to this movie???

The Long, Long Trailer
Lucy made the same kinds of Jam
Doesnt this Collection look familiar?


One response to “Strawberry & Apricot Jam

  1. Today is June 11th, exactly one year after we made all of this jam. How many apricots were on our trees this year? Maybe 4 or 5! Not 4 or 5 hundred like last year! I guess the tree is resting!

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