Every rock has a story

We have a strange attraction to rocks. When other folks go on vacation they bring home valuable trinkets. Others, take photographs and arrange then in scrapbooks and albums so nice and neatly. Still, others purchaseT-shirts, sweat shirts, postcards or tropical dresses that, after the vacation, are never worn in public again. 😉

But, US??? Tlachac’s??? We bring home rocks! Story Rocks.

Not just sometimes.
One a trip. That is the unspoken but widely accepted rule.

We pack them in our luggage.
We hide them in the trunk of our car (for God knows the rock police may track us down)! Sometimes we stash cool ones under the bed in the camper or pack them in an empty cooler, so they don’t get hurt rolling around. Craig has taught the art of rock collecting too.

We love our rocks. Once collected we never part with them.
It is the way it is.
I imagine, that if we ever move from this house, after 30 years of collecting and arranging our rocks, it may take a separate U-haul for the rocks. Because, as I said, every rock has a story, and we could never part with our story rocks.

We diversified into fossils too, obsidian, glacier rocks, rocks that were gifts from other rock loving friends, shells, petrified wood, round rocks that look like bowling balls, etc…
You just pick a Rock… ANY Rock on our property and there is a story behind it!

Of course you know what is coming next …. A slideshow of rocks.
Someday, if you stop by, we will tell you the story of the clam rock.


3 responses to “Every rock has a story

  1. You two are like Lucy and Ricky in the Long, Long Trailer!

  2. Ha ha I LOVE that movie. I laughed so hard that I cried the first time I saw That.

  3. Here’s a clip from that movie
    love it

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