Apricots Galore

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This was a really good year for apricots on our two trees.  The first tree had some really large ones.  The Joe Crow Family didn’t eat them AND chased the fruit loving small birds away, so I guess that worked out in a weird way.  So, we were able to eat them and they were tasty!

Now the second tree is loaded with little ones.  The funny thing about apricots is that the entire tree ripens simultaneously.  One year we had a tree full of apricots, and went away for the weekend, and by the time we got home, they were all on the ground.  The ants  made out well that year.  That is not my plan for this year though! 🙂

So, tomorrw we are going to pick the entire tree before they fall.  Then, I am going along with “my back to basics” organic gardening, canning and preserving summer plans.  I am going to make jam on Saturday or Sunday.  I already purchased cute little jars with diamond embossed sides on them.  But, before they become jam I want to upload a few photos of the fruit.  Enjoy


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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