I love what I do

Graduation day at rbvhs 2012 is time to greet the graduates in the quad as they are excitedly waiting for the ceremony, lining up and filling every inch of the 200 wing with students in a sea of maroon, walking with the class in the long, long, long procession, listening to the cheers as they enter the field, smiling  and greeting the arch-bearers girls who hold the flower laden arches that we pass under before we sit down , and taking  in the positive energy of 780 kids and thousands of their parents, family and friends as they fill our stadium.  It is a good catharsis. 

Then I will sit there and reflect on the last year and our journey as each name is called.  Each person is special in this world…. someones child, tomorrows adult, and special.  The then I will sadly watch my friend and colleague  give her last commencement speech as Principal of RBVHS.  Change.

Listen to and witness change. I give a speech on embracing change to my students.  I have to listen to my speech.  Embrace change.

For me, graduation is coming full circle.  It is the collective goal of  my secular work coming full circle.  From the nervous day of the first day of school when no one knows each other’s name to the big pomp and circumstance at the end.   The transition: it is why I share all that I can every single year… holding nothing back.  I love watching them learn and grow into young adulthood.  Every year I have come to know and love 160+ more young people. 

I am blessed and  I love what I do.


2 responses to “I love what I do

  1. Hi, Donna. I work with Craig and he forwarded the link to your blog. I love the pictures…and my youngest is graduating from Mission Hills tomorrow…it is a milestone, and we parents appreciate what all you teachers do to help raise our children to be good, thoughtful, responsible, young adults. 🙂 Take care, Kathleen

  2. Dear Kathleen.
    Congratulations on you and your youngest reaching graduation! Since that is your youngest child, it means that THIS graduation event is page-turning event in your life too! Isn’t it nice though, that life doesn’t go on pause after a page turning event if you don’t allow it to! The bright future is right there to meet us in the morning. So, Kuddos! on big event over at Mission Hills last week. Hope that you all had a fun night! I took a lot of photos this year. It was great!

    And thank you for following my blog. I hope to stay true to my blogs theme and write more about the our progress in the vegetable garden. Right now, we are just watering and watching it grow…so the photos show a lot of dirt… but no weeds so that is good but not too exciting to look at.

    So, I posted my favorite poem on success that mentions a garden. 🙂

    Craig speaks highly of you quite often. 🙂 I think that it is nice that he is sharing my blog. It is really HIS garden you know…shhhhh

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