Craig says that the “P” in Palomar stands for…

almost P*ssed my pants when meeting up with a coiled, angry, 3  foot rattlesnake!  The old fellow was coiled up between a brow ditch by the housing development and the conservatory land that covers the hill.  The other old fellow (aka Craig) jumped clear accross the concrete to safety.  He was about a foot away from Craig’s leg and angry! Thank goodness they rattle when they are startled.  And thank goodness that he was an old snake who was more interested in getting away than a young one with NO rattler or control over the amount of vennom that they let loose on you. 

Here’s a little fact-oid that I learned.  Craig said that when they put in Borden Road (right behind the same Palomar hill with the P on it) they found 6-8 different types of rattlesnakes.  So, Yea, there is more diversity in the rattlesnake population on that hill than  in the rest of California.  Isn’t that special?  So, if bitten, it may have been “special” right?

Today, our eyes are glued to the ground a little bit more that usual>
Our Ears are a little more atuned also>
And we are looking for somthing that is oh so hard to see.

Craig said that the grass was sparce and yellow and still, that old snake was hardly visible!  Even as the men were watching it go away, head up, rattling and quite angry as it found shelter in some rocks, it was hard to see. Perfect camoflauge.

So be careful, nature lovers!
 Practice jumping over the weekend just in case you are called upon to leap 8 feet straight away in any given direction at a moments notice.


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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