Vintage seed packages

Even though I have my mind wrapped around my work for the last few days, I cant seem to stop thinking about my stand still in the garden. There simply isn’t time to start anything new during graduation season!

This morning I woke up with a combination of ideas…. Maybe I could give the graphic design students an assignment to design a vintage seed pack.  They could use photos of flowers and veggies in the design but name the variety something clever that personally ties to their name.
My idea is a sort of collision of worlds…  and I LIKE it.
It goes along with the idea that if you cant garden all of the time,
then write a blog about it…

In the meantime, when I have time after graduation, I am going to make my own vintage seed package to post on this site but, that is another day. Today i will borrow from the Internet   🙂


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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