Decisions Decisions … Question of the day: Does healthy early foliage matter?

Well, half of the bean plants have leaves that dont looks so hot…
Same seed
Same Soil
Same Location
Same Water…

So, I text my mom and Mike and she says, Well, the fruit comes from the blossoms so she really never looks too hard at the plant.  They just keep the ones that establish themselves.  So maybe I should just wait for blossoms.  But them I think of how natural it is to grow in the Midwest…   ANd of how really contrived our growing conditions are here, although we do win the weather contest and the length of growing season hands down.

So, my brilliant ( or not so briliant) idea is to plant the healthy ones together in the best location.  Then I will plant the unhealthy foliaged plants is another location far away from the others. (That way if it is a disease or situation that I am unaware of, the laggy ones dont even cross polinate or know that the healthy plants exit!)

THEN, if the laggy plants produce better or similar fruit, I will know for a certainty that early foliage doesn’t mean anything!

ThaT is the PLAN


One response to “Decisions Decisions … Question of the day: Does healthy early foliage matter?

  1. So, this is what I think that I learned:

    The ones with little or no leaves have what they call “snake head”… they sprouted but pushed through heavy soil clumps and that is why they look strange.

    Then, there is one that is variagated. this one is NOT GOOD! It may be called Bean Mosiac Disease. Craig always said that the variageted one suffered from something bacterial.

    So, into the trash a few will go.

    PS They are self polinating, so I dont have to worry about saving seeds that have crossed. 🙂
    I love the Internet! I do, I do. Love the Internet and digging in the dirt.

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