Gone boating…

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Well, yesterday was beautiful here in Vista.  It was warm and sunny.  After a wonderful meeting, we headed down to the ocean to take a boat ride with John R., Justin and Andrenae.  Man was it cold, foggy, and threre were plenty of choppy waves too!  But the ride was fun.  It knocked the air out of me a few times.  LOL.  We went up north to tressles by San Onofre and then down to Swamis in Encintas.  When we got back to Vista, we drove right out of the fog in time to see a solar eclispe!  I need to upload a photo or two of that.  It was pretty awesome.

Solar Eclispe – BW
Nice Photo Craig!

Solar Eclispe in Color

What does all of that have to do with a garden?  Nothing really, except it is what kept me from planting my corn until another day!




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