Begin with the End in Mind – Seed Saving

Stephen Covey advises us to begin with the end in mind.  So, being a Covey fan,  and actually living by that goal-setting-mentality way, way, before I read The 7 habits —  my goal was to propagate my own seeds for next year.

I have been finding some cool links on the Internet on seed collecting techniques lately, and that is really what made me create this blog.  I cant tell you how many tomato seeds that I planted over the years that didnt grow .  Then I found this link on You Grow Girl  that told of how the tomato seeds have a protective barrier naturally that prevents germination.  Well, this was priceless.

You have to let them ferment and get a bit moldy to break that barrier and then dry the seeds to plant next year. So, someday if you walk onto my patio and smell a bowl full of foul smelling, rotting moldy tomatos you will know what I am up to!


Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks

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